Birgit Barkhoff

Surrounded by colors, my clothes full of paint, that's me!

I grew up in this ideal of the nuclear family. I adopted the point of view for my own family, because I was pushed to do that. To do, what my family does, what everyone in our family always has done. But that wasn't really me. I grew out of there. I’ve never felt that normal in my brain. I dont’t want to live that way, that anyone else did. I had this head full of dreams and creativity. When I started painting, about 15 years ago, the magic happened. I don’t know, why I bought this canvas and this huge bunch of colors. But while painting, my whole world opens up. Painting abstract helped me find my way back to myself. My own way to create art showed me a wonderful and exciting possibility to express myself, and to grow spiritually. Abstract art is a bit like my way of living. Loving surprises, constantly changing my direction. I love my life colored and in joyful anticipation of what comes next.

Painting is my biggest love, except for my Family, of course. Being an artist is my calling, art is what I'm living for. It's so liberating, making a mess while firing the paint to my big white canvas. When I walk into my studio, I smell the colors, my spray paint and my incense sticks. I love watching the sun shine through my big windows, feel the warmth. While walking along the streets in our village, I get inspired by the people I met, the man with the trenchcoat, this woman with her flowers and this funny dog. I need this for my work. Creating, and especially processing my impressions fills me up with energy and power. And even this energy I'm giving back to my work. I want to take this feeling into your home. Reminding you, to be strong and follow your goals!